File Set-Up

Tips for getting your files right every time!

Full Colour Files

When sending in files for a full colour job, ensure that every aspect of your file is in CMYK. Remove any RGB or Spot Colours, in order to be certain of accurate colour for your final product.

Spot Colour Files

When creating a spot colour job, ensure that the only colours are your Pantone spots, and remove or convert any CMYK or RGB process colours.

Rich Black vs. Basic Black

In order to get your richest colour black, when creating a full colour job, avoid using the basic black (100% K), and instead use the following combination: C=20, M=20, Y=20, K=100. This is not recommended for type. It is most commonly used in large areas or blocks of black.

Bleed, Trim, & Live Area

Always understand the difference between bleed, trim and safe areas. See below for clarification:

safe area bleed trim

Converting type to outlines

Ever experience getting back a file that you’ve sent to the printer, and all of your hard work of kerning and leading was for naught, because the font blew? In order to avoid this, change your text to outline for your printer-ready proof.


Always proof-read your work! Protect yourself, and avoid embarrassing blunders. Check your spelling, grammar, and always have your client sign off on your final piece!


Ensure all images are 300dpi for printing.


Please send all final files as PDFs, with crop marks and bleed. Wayside’s requirements are 1/8″ all around the document.

Download our templates to aid you in your file set-up.

    Business Card


    Business Card


    Tri-Fold Brochure

    8.5″ x 11″

    Rack Card

    4″ x 9″

    #10 Envelope

    No Bleed

    Wall Calendar Ad Banner Template 11" × 1"

    Contains IDML (InDesign), PSD (Photoshop) and PDF

    Tent Calendar Ad Template 5.75” × 1”

    Contains IDML (InDesign), PSD (Photoshop) and PDF

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