5 Ways Colour Benefits Your Marketing

by | Mar 23, 2023

When it comes to using colour, many people tend to think exclusively in terms of images. However, marketers increasingly recognize the value of colour in text and other messaging areas. For instance, colour can highlight phone numbers, payment information, discounts, and critical points in marketing materials that make them more impactful and actionable. Let’s look at five practical ways to add colour to your text and messaging areas to improve your marketing.

1. Improved Recall

Studies have consistently shown that using colour in messaging and images can significantly increase recall. One study found that people are 40% more likely to read and select materials that are presented in colour. Another found that using colour increases recall rates by up to 80%. Use colour in your sales letters to highlight important details you don’t want readers to miss.

2. Greater comprehension

Using coloured text and backgrounds can increase readers’ understanding and retention of information. Add colourful images, graphics, and charts to your next sales presentation.

3. Ease of Locating Key Information

Using colour can help readers locate information more easily. This is particularly useful in lengthy documents like insurance policies and contracts.

4. Reduces Errors

Highlighting important information, such as instructions or account details, reduces errors and helps readers get things right the first time.

5. Reduces payment time

Because using colour helps readers better understand their statements and invoices, this can lead to faster payments and better cash flow for you. Try highlighting the amount owed and the due date with colour, and watch your invoices get paid faster!

Ultimately, colour is a critical aspect of marketing materials that are beautiful and highly practical. But don’t just throw colour around anywhere. It should be utilized strategically to maximize its effectiveness. If you’re unsure where to start, ask for suggestions on incorporating colour into your direct mail efforts.