Critical tips for marketers to save time and money without sacrificing results.

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If you are like most organizations, you may be making some of these common mistakes.

  • You’re striving to be more efficient, reduce waste, go green.
  • To make changes that bring long-lasting value and accelerate business results, you need to optimize print and fulfillment operations so that they run as efficiently and strategically as possible.

But what changes will pay off in the end?

You’ve probably tried ordering smaller quantities of business cards or brochures, only to find the cost per piece goes up? Also risking brand continuity with tiny changes along the way resulting in a huge branding gap?

You’ve also tried buying in bulk thinking the cost per piece savings would pay off in the long run only to find that your material became out of date before you were able to efficiently make use of it? Did you use it anyway just so you weren’t going against your green initiatives?

You probably even tried shifting your marketing mostly to digital online media for a full “green” impact to find you risked losing touch with a large segment of your market?

Maybe you’re part of an organization that has a cumbersome laborious process just to receive your marketing materials?

What if you could ensure low cost printing of your marketing collateral, with all of your brand standards intact? Your materials are printed and distributed on demand with a built in approval process saving valuable time, while delivering the highest quality print that your organization demands.

Waysides marketing portals have been utilized by organizations across North America. Whether you have a sales team of 10 or 1000, our systems manage your needs. Include business cards, store pop, hotel and restaurant materials, menus, signage, forms and even media ready ads. All of your marketing materials are housed in a secure online portal that can be accessed from any one of your business locations.

No more order collecting, processing, proofing, and sourcing the best price. With a little effort up front, you can ensure you are getting exactly what you need at a great price with all of the efficiencies of your marketing portal. And feel good about being green by only producing what you need when you need it without all of the extra hassle of time and expense.

Features include:

  • Variable options which can be based on the user level, location, or any other stipulation.
  • Built in approval based on predetermined rules, or automated notification for head office approval.
  • Batched billing, or direct billing to recipient store.
  • Direct shipping to your locations.
  • Consistency in your product or brand across the continent.
  • Fast quality turn around.
  • Inventory reporting.
  • Real Time Analytics.
  • Notification of new materials with direct links for ordering.

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