The Art of a Successful Tradeshow Display

by | Jan 23, 2013

So you’ve decided to attend a trade show as an exhibitor, but where do you begin? It’s important to both have your display attention grabbing to attract an audience and to engage them once they’re there. Most important when planning your tradeshow display is to keep in mind your target audience and to represent your business at all times.


Professional graphics and photography that define and represent your business are essential in positioning your brand and creating stronger brand awareness in consumers. Consider the space you are given and utilize as much of it as possible. It’s not just about a few panels behind a podium. Professional designers can help you design the space to feature your products or services. This may include structures, lighting and even floor graphics.

Attracting a crowd

There are many ways to gain attention from a crowd. It is best to consider which method works best to represent your business and reinforce your brand. One method is to utilize our sensory receptors with texture, light, sound, scent, or color. Another method could be to integrate technology such as video, touch graphics, and games.

Engaging your audience

Make an attendees’ visit to your booth worthwhile by engaging them while they’re there. It could be as simple as using conversation, education, demonstrations, giveaways, contests, quizzes and games. But this is your chance to make a lasting impression in a digital world. Take it a step further by utilizing groundbreaking digital technology such as Wayside’s cross media, which allows your company to easily collect data that can be followed up with and help build a long term client relationship.

Don’t forget the details

Keep in mind the details in order to sustain the scrutiny of your audience.

  • Have a stock of takeaways to give out to remind consumers of your business in the future.
  • Make it as easy as possible for visitors to get information.
  • Ensure you have plenty of promotional material such as brochures, price sheets, order forms, and business cards.
  • Keep your booth tidy and welcoming.
  • Portray the impression of demand for your products.
  • Be ready to do business and always have someone present to greet and engage visitors.
  • Follow up new leads promptly with a phone call, email or regular mail.

Wayside has the people and the product to make your tradeshow experience a complete success. Contact our Trade show specialist today. Dan Bosquet