Most businesses have a Web presence today and adding QR codes can drive eyes to your website.

Successful uses of QR codes include everything from quick links to websites, instant coupons, links to videos on YouTube to augment the smaller print piece or vcard links, allowing customers to load your contact info into their smart phones.

If you have a website you’re proud of. Be sure to drive your customers to it. It’s easy to add a QR code direct link to your company website. QR codes can be very simple and fun to use. So create an interactive experience for your customers that starts from your business card.

Utilize your QR codes for something unique. How many times do you run a promotion and are left with printed items with expired promotions? If you print a QR code that directs to a web link, the content on the web link can change without having to reprint your cards. So reinvent your sales promotions through QR codes on your cards. “Click to save, with new savings every month.”

Many companies now have videos on YouTube that feature information about their companies or the products and services they sell. QR codes give instant access to a rich media with the click of a button. If you’re introducing your company through your business card, why give the full experience with video.

Vcards are an essential tool with Business to Business relationships. With the proper formatting, your QR code can provide a quick contact creation in your customers smart phone. Show them how easy it will be to work with you by adding convenience to your work flow.

All of these QR trends have value in the right application. Talk to a Wayside Cross Media expert if you need help taking your business cards to the next level.